It’s that time of the year again—June, when Hallmark card displays turn to thoughts of Dads n Grads, and consumer-focused websites whip up handy shopping guides for giving a gift to the father figure in your life. This can also be a fraught time for some—we empathize more than you know—but the truth is, no matter who you call daddy, it’s a wonderful time of year to think about giving a gift to someone you love. In this handy guide, produced in partnership with our fulfillment partners at Seattle Coffee Gear, we’ve outline 10 incredible gifts to consider sharing this June holiday season. From beans to brewers, canisters to Chemexes, here are 10 lovely gifts to share.
Rocket Espresso R58/R60V with Acaia Lunar scale
Rocket Espresso’s R58 Cinquantotto and R60V are two of the very best espresso machines you can get for your kitchen. Seattle Coffee Gear is now including a free Acaia Lunar scale with the purchase of these machines making it an incredible gift for the espresso aficionado dad. — Seattle Coffee Gear
The Chemex is like the Father’s Day equivalent of giving dad a tie, or a shaving kit or something—it is classic Americana, pleasingly retro yet firmly contemporary. It’s also the coffee brewer with a million other uses, from stunning flower vase to handy wine decanter. — Sprudge
The Philips Carina is the perfect machine for the dad with his hands full! With built-in grinding and a simple interface, everyone in the family can get their lattes and americanos in less time without sacrificing quality. — Seattle Coffee Gear
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With all this espresso and coffee brewing talk, you’ll want some excellent coffee to play with. Olympia Coffee’s award-winning Big Truck Blend is just the ticket: ideal to dial in with new gear, sipping and slurping your way to success. — Sprudge
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Spoil your daddy with the most handsome coffee maker on the market: the Technivorm Moccamaster, available here in 1975 Buick Sedan burgundy. Everyone in your life will love the stunning midcentury European design, and the coffee it makes each morning is second to none. — Sprudge
Affordable but offering great performance for the price, the Solis Scala is a wonderful way to start grinding coffee fresh. Perfect for a variety of slow brew methods, this grinder is a great gift for the dad who loves drip, press, or pour-over coffee. — Seattle Coffee Gear
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The person you’re gifting might not just want coffee equipment—they might also want some delicious coffee! Onyx is widely regarded to be one of the very best roasters in America right now, and Tropical Weather is a versatile blend that works well across a range of brewing methods. — Sprudge
colombia decaf 1024x1024
Maybe the person on your list is looking for something decaffeinated—and we love that! Decaf coffee can be so, so good, and we’re big fans of mindful roasters tackling decaf with cup quality in mind. Dogwood Coffee of Minneapolis has whipped up this tasty single origin decaf from Colombia, which is a sure-fire hit for the decaf lover in your life. — Sprudge
With all those delicious beans now gifted, it might be nice to set up somewhere to put them! The Airscape bean canister recently appeared in the home kitchen of a Sprudge team member. While there was at first some gentle skepticism, it has now been wholeheartedly embraced as a home kitchen marvel, perfect for daily use. — Sprudge
These gorgeous kettles manage a neat trick: they are both daily workhorse kitchen tools, and they happen to look incredible on a countertop. If the person on your list loves to make hand-brewed coffee, or is interested in getting into tea, the Stagg is low-key the perfect kettle for daily use. — Sprudge
This is a partnered feature with Seattle Coffee Gear, the official fulfillment partner of Sprudge Media Network.