Introducing BrewBeacon, a new hardware connector from Cropster that links volumetric espresso machines to the cloud and automatically tracks and reports on brew consistency. BrewBeacon is an espresso machine interface to Cropster Cafe, the software solution for coffee retailers and wholesalers to efficiently manage their coffee quality, share brew recipes, automatically monitor and log brew consistency and extractions across multiple locations and machines, and keep staff organized with task management.

Many modern espresso machines record basic brew data and machine health, but few have the built-in internet connectivity required to make this data actionable in a wider cafe business context. It remains a challenge to present key data points in a structured way that achieves a long-desired goal of cafe owners, managers, and wholesale roasters: consistent brew quality across customers, retail locations and teams.


“Understanding extraction quality across locations and equipment is a huge challenge for cafe owners and wholesale managers as they strive to maintain a consistent customer experience while minimizing variable costs” says Cropster Cafe Product Manager Isabelle Verschraegen. “Busy baristas clearly should not focus on creating manual brew logs but on making delicious beverages and providing a great customer experience. Retail and wholesale managers shouldn’t have to guess which locations need their attention but know it based on data.”

BrewBeacon is about the size of a deck of cards, and once installed inside an espresso machine, it automatically logs brew data in Cropster Cafe. BrewBeacon gives retailers and wholesalers the ability to track brew pulses and shot times on volumetric espresso machines. Cropster Cafe aggregates the captured data for central monitoring of machine usage and extraction consistency, across locations, by machine, and by parameters ranging from brew cycles to water flow. Without any manual intervention, this makes it easy for managers, trainers and bar staff to act on newly revealed facts. With that, BrewBeacon helps optimize coffee quality and consistency, while also reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Cafes are constantly looking for ways to improve consistency and enhance the customer experience with delicious beverages. The BrewBeacon opens the door for this. It’s a key to quality assurance for any coffee business that wants to track production output of their retail locations or of their wholesale customers and use this data to improve training and educate teams.

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