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Released 2008-04-13 <last updated 2008-07-01>
  Table of Contents

Complete (one file)
Land Use Alternatives Evaluation Report -

00.1_COMPLETE_AlternativesEvalRpt_ALLFILES (59 meg file)


00.2_AER_Cover & Credits
00.5_II_Executive Summary
01_Existing City of Chico Limits
02_North Chico Specific Plan
03_Bell Muir
04_Forest Ranch
05_Magalia Paradise Pines
06_Upper Stilson
08_Berry Creek
09_Doe Mill/Honey Run
10_Skyway/Neal Road
11_Paradise Urban Reserve
12_Southeast Paradise Specific Plan
13_South Paradise Pentz Road
14_Nance Canyon SR99
15_Hamlin Canyon SR99
16_Oroville Chico Highway
18_Durham Dayton SR99
19_Durham Pentz
22_Existing City of Oroville
23_Eastern Oroville/Oroville Hills
24_Stringtown Mountain
25_Thermalito Afterbay Area
26_Las Plumas Southside Ophir Road
27_Pacific Heights Road SR70
28_Southern Oroville
31_Biggs Area
32_Existing City of Biggs
33_South of Biggs
34_North of Gridley
35_III_Evaluation Maps & ALL FIGURES
(53 meg file)
36_IV_Roadway Operations
37_Appendix A: Alternatives Descriptions
38_Appendix B: Evaluation Methodology
39_Appendix C: Acronyms

This Alternatives Evaluation Report was prepared by DC&E, their sub consultant team and Butte County staff from several departments.  Every effort was made to provide an accurate and objective evaluation of each of the 9 different constraints evaluated for each of the 34 study areas (31 in the unincorporated county) and the three alternatives.  This information will be VERY helpful for the upcoming discussions in Workshop Series #4 which begin Thursday, March 27, 2008. 

Where do you begin with a 736 page report such as this?  I can guess that most people will want to jump right to a Study Area of their interest/concern.  However, I would suggest that you begin by reading the 00.4_I_Introduction followed by 38_Appendix B: Evaluation Methodology.  This will give you an understanding of the purpose of this study and the evaluation process.  This is important since each constraint may utilize a different meaning for the scoring.  Therefore, you can't compare an A from Biological Resources with an A for Circulation; it is a relative scale for that constraint.  You will also need to have an understanding of what a Study Area and Alternative are (and aren't) as found in 37_Appendix A: Alternatives Descriptions...Tim

CDs of this report are available upon request.  This document (and free CDs) will be available in printed version for viewing at each of the County Libraries very soon.  If you have any questions about this report or would like a CD mailed to you, please contact dbreedon@buttecounty.net



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